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Sunday, 14 June 2015


Hey guys! 
This is just a quick post. I wanted to tell you all book lovers about wattpad and that I made an account in which I will post some of my stories. 
So, wattpad is a kind of social media where people share their stories. In fact, a lot of good authors started off just having a wattpad account and then their stories became famous and then were published as books. 
I think wattpad gives all kind of writers, young or not, a great opportunity to share their stories, poems, whatever, with the public. 
I specially use wattpad to read to things. Werewolf books, because I'm finding it hard to find good werewolf stories at the moments at bookshops; and FanFiction! Which is a huge thing on wattpad. There all sort of FanFiction and pretty much about every book. All of the fanfiction I've read has been amazing. 

So, if you are going to get wattpad or already have it, don't forget to add me: abooktifullife. I haven't posted anything yet. But I'm currently writting two stories which will be up soon. Unfortunately, they are NOT fanfic because I just can't write it; even though I've tried a thousand times; one story is about werewolves, of course, because I'm obsessed with them and the other one is about a girl who's dreams change her real life. 

If you have written a story and you want to share it, don't hesitate to get wattpad and post them, or send them to me by email and I'll post them on my account, of course, you get the credit:) 

Enjoy reading:) 

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