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Monday, 21 December 2015

Sarah J Maas Meet Up

Hey guys,
So as you probably know from earlier posts, not long ago, i got to meet sarah J Maas. She is a magnificent author who has written many popular YA books, including a Best selling series, Throne of glass. Fortunately, Sarah travelled around AussieLand (australia), to meet all of her fans, and that included me! The event in Melbourne was quite a short yet very entretaining one.
Firstly, I would just like to describe the venue by quoting Sarah J Maas, it was like “a high school hall where everyone was forced to sit down and listen to her”. Of course, none of the people attending the event where forced to be there. In fact, most the people I met had been waiting and counting down to this day for months. There was a great lot full of young and grown up book worms. Absolutely amazing.

So the night went like this:
Everyone who walked in was given a lollie which represented their group for the book signing. Then we were able to sit aroud the hall freely. There was a lot of chatter between fangirls as everyone waited for the author that could have possible changed their booklovers lives. It didnt take long for sarah J maas to step in and see all of our extremely excited faces.
The first thing that took place after the author arrived was a Q’n’A about her books and their characters which was very entertaining, but unfortunately we weren't allowed to film so I can't tell you what the questions and answers were:(

After the questions where asked, we were sent down in our lollies groups to meet the author personally and get our book signed by her. The excitment to meet sarah was shown in every single one of the fan’s faces. For most of us, it was our first book signing and porbably the first author we had met in our lives since not many authors are able to travel all the way to the australia.  Just knowing that you were in the same room as the person who wrote the book that you were holding between your hand, the book that made you fall in love with mnay characters, that made you cry and laugh, the feeling was just unreal. So,  like many other things, after waiting, everyone got their turn to have a chat with Sarah and have their books signed.

And Sarah had a surprise for us too, she brought  along a copy of Throne of glass which she takes every where and gets her fans from all around the world to sign it. And we, fans from Melbourne, weren't an exception. All of the bookworms who wished to sign Sarah’s own copy of her book were able to do so:

And the last surprise was a give away! The hosts were giving away 4 huge/real size cardboard Celaenas. And no, I didn't get one even though I would have really liked too!

So! That was about everything that happened on that day. I had so much fun and from what i got out of conversations with other bloggers and attended, everyone enjoyed it very much. If there is an event around you with Sarah j mass, I strongly recommend you attend, she is so hilarious.  And for all of you readers from Melbourne, I’ll keep you updated if there are any other events.  For now, I hope you enjoy the reading time you hopefully have during the Christmas holidays.