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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Love, Rosie···Book and Movie

Hey Guys!

         I´ve thought of doing something new and not just book reviews. So this post is going to be about the book and movie Love, Rosie. It is a romance story, but apart from that there is also a lot of parts that teach mainly teenager girls  what they should and shouldn´t do. For example, one of the things that changes Rosie´s life is going to the ball with wrong boy. That might sound ridiculous, but it really does turn her life upside down, so the massage behind that is: don´t just go to the ball with any random guy, go with someone who you really do want to go with to the most important even in your whole teenage life with some weird boy who you might not even know that well. 

        I am aware that that whole paragraph didn´t make any sense to anyone who hasn´t read the book or watched the movie, so this is the summary that will hopefully clear your mind:

   Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were 5, so they couldn't possibly fall inlove with each other... but maybe they do. They are the worst two people in the world when it come to making the right choice and choosing their lovelife. One awkward moment when they were 18, one missed opportunity... and life sends them in different directions. Rosie has to stay at home looking after her new born baby instead of going to university with Alex. And Alex has to move away to study in America.
   Somehow, across time and two different continents, the tie that binds them cannot be undone.They might find their way back to one another, but it might be too late.


   So now going to movie. I thought the two main actors were just amazing; I mean Lily Collins and Sam Claffin!!! Wow, they are like the two best actors in the world and then when they put them together they were just great. Lily did an amazing job acting as Rosie, Sam as Alex was just OMG he is gorgeous he was perfect! I though Will Poulter would have been a great Greg, but that is just my opinion. I don´t know what to say, it was so much like the book, but all I can really tell you is to go watch the movie if you are interested in any kind of teenager stuff. 

The Cast


Details of the book:
  1. Published: 2004
  2. Author: Cecilia Ahern
  3. Adaptations: Love, Rosie
  4. Followed by: If You Could See Me Now
  5. Genres: Romance, Fiction Novel

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 By ABooktifulLife