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Sunday, 12 July 2015

·2015 BookTube-A-Thon·

Hey Booklovers!

there is a very important event for all readers coming up this month. This event is... the BookTube-A-Thon!

If you have no idea of what to do during the holidays, here's a great idea!!!

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For all of you people who don't know what this is what it is. It'll be easier if we start with Read-a-thons. As the word itself  says, read-a-thons are like marathons, but instead of running, you read. The whole point of read-a-thon is to read as many books or pages as possible. BookTube-A-Thons are similar, but the point of them isn't to read as much as you possibly can (it kind of is), but there are challenges! You can´t just read random books, they have to follow the rules and challeges. AND, everyone is welcome to be part of them, no exceptions. 

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Most of you are probably now thinking: "why would she blog about a booktube-a-thon if she is a blogger? Booktube-a-thons happen on youtube!". Well, yes, I know. But the thing is, this years booktube-a-thon is going to be huge and superfun. Plus, I'm going to be part of it. This year there are all kind of new, really exciting challenges. Some of them are hard and most people won't be able to complete them, but it's going to be really fun giving them a shot. 

The dates for this BookTube-A-Thon this year are: 

It start off on August the 3rd at midnight. Wherever you are. when the clock hits 12:00am, it starts.

Until August 9th!!

So you get an idea of the challeges there are going to be, last  year's reading challenges were....

· to read a book with pictures in it.

It could be a fanfiction book, a kid book, a graphic novel. It doesn't matter how long it is, it doesn't matter how big the writting is, the only rule if that it had to have pictures in it.

· to start an finish a book seires. 

I reckon this was one of the hardest ones. But the thing is, it didn't matter how many books there were in the series, it can be 2, 3, 4, 20! it didn't matter, so it was great! 

· to read a book with red on the cover.

I was actually really excited about this one because I had sooo many book with red on the front cover on my TBR (to be read) list. For this challege, the whole front cover didn't have to be red, it could be just a dot on it, like the book "Shiver", but if ther whole front cover is red, then great!

· to read a book that somebody else reads for you.

This one was kind of hard for me becuase the person I chose to pick a book, chose the longest book on my TBR list! But anyway, there weren't really any rules for this challege, the only important thing is that you were not allowed to pick the book. Someone else had to do it for you, it could be your sister, brother, friend, mum, dad, granny, grandpa, worker from the bookshop, you teacher even! It didn't matter as long as it wasn't you.

· to read a book in the genre you´ve read least this year.

This challenge I think was also hard; mainly because the genres I read least are the genres that I don't like. And if I don't like the genre, I probably won't like the book ither, which makes it extremely hard to enjoy or even read the book. But yea!!!

· to read and watch a book to movie adaptation.

There weren't a whole lot of good book to movie adaptations out there at then. At least not many great one that I heard of. But anyway, this one was really fun since after reading the book, you got to see it come to life!!

· to read 7 books or 300 pages a day

So, this challenge is kind of different to the rest. All you have to do is ither read 7 books during the week or read 300 pages a day, which is pretty much 1 book a day... unless you are reading a really long book!

So! i hope you guys are as excited as I am for this! I will post more details about this event very soon, but for the time being, start choosing books from your TBR list. 

Stay Tunned for 2015 BookTube-A-Thon!


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