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Friday, 1 April 2016

• Visit to the magic land of Hobbiton •

All photos have been taken by me so if you do use them please let me know
Hello readers!
This Easter I was lucky enough to visit New Zealand with some friends. And if you are a The Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit fan, you'll probably know that something amazing was created there. Guys!, the 6 films were filmed in New Zealand. 

The place where the hobbits "lived" is a place now called Hobbiton. This little village is places in Matamata, New Zealand. Before the director of the film, Peter Jackson,  came by, the land in which the village now is was just 3 hills full of grass that belonged to the Alexander Family's farm. 

The few hills, were quickly turned into the beautiful homes of the Hobbits which they are still until today. 

The Hobbits took over the land and 42 hobbit holes we built along with a veggie garden, a lake, the Mill and the amazing Green Dragon. Along with that, lots of new plants were places on the set; including the the tree on top of Bag End, Bilbo Baggings house. 

Plants planted specifically for the movie and one of the Hobbit Holes

A Hobbit Hole

The veggie garden

Bag End (Biblo's home) and the tree

The Green Dragon (the Pub)

The Watermill

Since the Hobbits "lived", during our tour we found a lot of tiny clothes hanged from really small pegs on little clothes line. 

Little hobbit clothes

Also, I realised that whatever in on the front of the hobbit hole represents what the hobbit living in that house does for a living! This meant that for example, the fisherman would have fish and a fish line, the baker would have bread and little cakes and the bee-keeper would have honey jars. I don't know about you, but I thought that it was so, so cute. 

The Potter's home

The Fisheman's work space

Here are some other photos I took while I was there. I really hope you like them and this inspires you to read the books, maybe watch the movie and maybe even visit Hobbiton!!

The Shepherd's home

Bag End (viewed from the veggie garden)

Three cute hobbit holes 

Veggies collected from the garden

Bilbo Bagging's clothes on his tiny clothes line

Bag End's front door

Sign in the path towards Green Dragon
(you can't tell by the photo, but this sign was actually hobbit size! The top of it was up to my shoulder)

Sam's home!

The Water and The Mill 

Three little hobbit holes next to The Water

Veggies behind the Garden

That is all! I hope you liked looking at some photos from Hobbiton and this inspired you to visit this place. I extremely recommend you visit this amazing site... Right after you read the 4 books. 

• Pia •